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Life Is Fast & Often Difficult But You Stay Optimistic,
Tapping Into Your Inner Hopeful Warrior For Resilience, Adaptability, Patience.

The first time I went to NYC as an adult I knew it was home. All of the grit, hard work and thrill of success really spoke to me at that time. Those sayings we all know… “If you can make it there, you’ll make it anywhere” really exemplify the feeling of unknown potential that New York embodies.

The other side, the underbelly as they say, of this lifestyle is hard on almost every level. It’s dirty, there’s pollution, the costs of living is high, the noise is pervasive, you have to make a full blown hobby of pleasing everyone else, from your boss and customers to the parking meter enforcers. Life in the BIG city can become very small. And that’s just what it feels like to be stuck in this imaginary city on your way to more joy.


Living off the fruit stand is fine for a while but not long term, same as a life that's content but not joyous.



Frustration can show up as gritting teeth, biting comments, irritation and even accidents. We bite our tongue so no one knows but not realizing what's happening inside until there's pressure, makes it harder to change.


Sometimes we think we are on the positive side but what is really happening in our minds is an awareness of the unwanted possibilities. Learning to focus on your yeses without the backlash is a key.


People create extra work or take us on the long & winding road to our desires. Patience is our ability to wait, to slow down to live in this world well. Learning to go faster without blowing up your world can change your life.


Resilience is the bounce-back from tough times and near misses. People, places & things can be demanding. Being resilient is good but there is so much more available! Learning to live in the ease is important.


"What Changed To Make The Difference?"

When things are good, we laugh some and our attitude is pretty positive and things are okay, we can end up feeling a little like someone knocked all the bright edges off of you, you end up thinking, I guess this is as good as it will ever get. You can find yourself thinking thoughts like, “I guess I’m just not as good as I thought” or “why does this have to be so hard? I just want it all to work out perfectly without me pushing so hard for once”

I will admit, I loved this energy of resilience and extreme of adaptability for a while. There is something satisfying about working hard and slogging my way to the top of the heap, it felt like getting somewhere, like earning it. Often it feels like being a warrior, becoming extremely good at the fight.

Just like you, I managed to look good from the outside. I had a good job with a lot of notoriety and a good relationship but I can still remember asking myself if this is all there is. Sometimes it was a little lonely and empty. 

When I was finally willing to make a change, the thing I learned, the thing that was the key to my satisfaction, the key to finding a more enjoyable lifestyle… More Joy.

I know that sounds ridiculous. I also know that it is absolutely 100% true. So let me explain…

Learning to understand, live in harmony with and control my emotions was the thing that changed everything for me. Before I was ready to change, people would say things like “control your emotions” and I was certain that they meant stuff it down, don’t let anyone know about it and let the pressure build until you can’t take it anymore. That’s NOT what I’m talking about.

Over a period of time, I learned a system that allows me to know what I’m feeling, follow that knowing (guilt-free) and create a life that I really love.

That story I told you a minute ago took place 2 careers and a couple of decades ago. I have learned a lot about how the world works, about people, relationships, getting the “stuff”, becoming respected, harnessing power, and finding the contentment and joy that makes life worth living fully. 

I used to think that the only reason life was awesome sometimes was because it completely sucked other times but the techniques I learned allow me to still bust through the roof when things are good without losing days or weeks to the down-cycle.



Anger can show up as arguments frustration, irritation and even malaise. Sometimes we even keep it all in so no one knows but not noticing what's happening inside until there's pressure, makes it harder to change.


Sometimes life is just too much, inside and out. This uncomfortable feeling is one of the best indicators that you want more out of life but are having trouble keeping up with it. Your happiness is only one skill away.


Counting on people, places and things to help you feel better, to find your playfulness, your sexy or your fun is a doomed proposition. It all starts inside, now you just need to know how to line up with the good stuff.


Life is so dramatic! People cause problems, promotions, jobs and business comes and goes, there are always weddings and funerals... Learning to turn down the volume outside is important.


"But How Do you Do It?"

As I studied and analyzed and embodied psychology, energetics, quantum biofeedback, law of attraction, the world’s religions, business, marketing, physics, metaphysics, wealth creation, herbals, nutrition and so much more…  I realized that there is one skill, the core thing that changes everything in the physical and non-physical world. That One Thing is the basis of my work now. More Joy.

It sounds so easy but anyone who’s ever tried to be joyous for more than a short period knows it is not as easy as it sounds. There are lots of short-term solutions, a new car, a fancy vacation, a new mate/spouse, all things shiny and new. But it only works for a little while and, a little less each time.

In order to create a basis of joy in your life, you need a system. You need a system that works on every level, physical, metaphysical, mental, and emotional. It needs to work under all circumstances without demanding that you be, well, not you. It must allow for the fulness of life and still leave you in the space of joy.

That system boils down to four steps. And I will admit thet it is simple but not easy. That’s why I’ve created, not only a way for you to learn the system but also a way for you to practice with others so you learn doubly fast.  It’s a membership program where you can learn in-depth, practice in the safety of a supportive community and build a joyous life beyond your wildest dreams. 

We live in a world with an overwhelming amount of information. Your problem is not that you don’t have enough information, it’s that you don’t have the right information. 

Either Way, I'm Here To Help

I have ridden the roller coaster of life in a big way and know how to choose joy consistently. From a career in the Broadway Stage in NYC to being CEO of a multimillion-dollar corporation, the highs have been significant, and the walk through the valley equally amplified right down to the loss of my husband and house all at once. Understanding how to live in this world joyously has been the guiding light that results in another beautiful day, every day. I know that you can learn this too and create a life you love; that's why I created the MORE JOY Membership.

"Why Does This Work?"

We live in a world with an overwhelming amount of information. Your problem is not that you don’t have enough information, it’s that you don’t have the right information. 

To get there you need a guide who has the right knowledge, who has walked through the darkest of times while tuning in to the light. I’m not sure I would have recognized myself in that sentence until these last few years. I never considered myself bubbly although others have described me that way.

But when my whole world fell apart in the middle of 2021, I realized that all those years of practice had created a reliable core of joy in me. As I picked myself up from getting the blow of my husband’s death and fast sale of my home, I realized that this joy system is doable under any circumstances.

I want to ask you, can you imagine feeling like that in your circumstances?

Day after day life takes a bite out of you but instead of feeling diminished, you know you are stronger, more peaceful, more empowered and more filled with true happiness than you thought possible?

What would that be worth to you? Would it be worth giving up some of the damaged patterns you learned from your family? Would it be worth being willing to believe in the things you think are unbelievable?

That’s where it all starts, being willing to let go, admit that you don’t know every dang thing and let a new voice lead the way to a life you’re not even really sure exists. But it does, if you trust that little voice in you that is saying, “please let all this about a consistently happy life be real and true and attainable this time”.

I know you want to believe because you’re still reading. You stuck with me this far so all you have to do now is is join us and see you yourself.



Find out everything you need to know about being in the MORE JOY Membership.

Weekly Healings

Sometimes the energy we carry around with us from other people, our own past or even from ancestral generations past, can get in the way of what we want right now. Reprogramming the subtle energy of our bodies through frequencies designed specifically for your current state of being is the easiest way to let joy in. You'll get the same technology used by top athletes and performers. You don't need to do anything special to receive this. The remote healing comes to you, just relax throughout your day as often as possible

Weekly Coaching

Every Sunday I’ll help you get centered and ready for the week ahead. I’ll be in your inbox with new coaching lessons for the week. In this email I’ll give you simple steps to help you stay connected to your joy-creating practice. These easy-to-follow steps will show you exactly how to transform your inner world and you will see the changes in your relationships, you’ll release fears and blockages, attract abundance, ease, satisfaction and so much more! This is the only place where you can get this style of coaching directly from me.

Weekly Blissings

That's not a typo. Finding the state of happiness, joy or bliss consistently makes a world of difference. Unlike a blessing, you don't need to earn it or get it from someone else, it is yours and as you master finding that bliss within, you will feel the power of your ability to create like never before. Using a combination of divination cards, crystals the divine focal point for your week will be revealed. A new recording made expressly for helping you with this focus will be made for you allowing you to use your quiet moments to find the internal affirmation of your inner joy.

Personal Wishes & Intentions

Keeping the feeling of happiness going and really making it your new set point is all about vibrational matching. This is when wishes and intentions are the most important. Every month you will write your own statement to the universe and we will use special technology to create an orgone field around you carrying your wish. You will also get your own orgonite (included with subscription). Your intention or wish will be woven into the fabric of your universe making it easier for you to become the new version of yourself.

Supportive Community

Connecting with other people who are on the pathway to a better life, a more joyous life, means you can lock arms with your fellow Joy path travelers. Join our private community to connect with like-minded people, find support, feel the warmth of encouraging others and receiving optimistic inspiration just when you need it. No more feeling like you are in it alone! This is the place to get involved and make those connections that will be your joy family foundation and celebration crew as you build a life you can truly love.

Searchable On-Demand Library

We all struggle sometimes especially when change is thrust upon us. We hold on so tightly that grief is the outcome. In the "Uplifted" video library, you will find lots of trainings on dealing with loss, family, holidays, the pain of change and much more. Plus, you can alway request a training if you have a specific question or want to go into more depth on a topic. 

This searchable on-demand style library is like Netflix for emotional intelligence. 


I’m here to Hold The Light Of Joy For You!

One thing I know unequivocally is that from your place on the map, moving toward the light is the answer to creating more joy in your life. What exactly do I mean by “light”? I mean, light-heartedness, bright ideas and high spirits.

Having someone hold that light feeling place for you can give you direction, and even knowing as you walk your pathway to a more joyous life.

If you want an easy, fun way to change old habits and become the person your inner 7 year-old thought you’d be, the MORE JOY Membership is for you.

If you want to finally let go of residual guilt, shame, worry, resentment and frustration, to feel them lift off of you and to be free, the MORE JOY Membership is for you.

If you want to feel the magnetic ease of people, opportunities and desires coming into your world as you become an unstoppable match to the happiness you desire, the MORE JOY Membership is for you.

If you want to life the life that you're dreaming about right now, the MORE JOY Membership is for you.


“There's a little part of me that's afraid of being content in the life that I built. Sometimes I feel like the other shoe is going to drop. This work with Donnalynn has helped me to let go of feeling like I have to be in control all the time. I found my happy place.”
Dawn Bullett
The recordings & other tools are the most helpful to improve my mental state. The weekly coaching helped me envision better conditions in my life. My confidence, ability to stay calm and to control the emotional roller coaster have all improved. 
Danielle Tucker
I have felt so fully present in a way that I haven’t before. I’m finding a new focus and a higher level of impact, a higher level of service in what I do and what I provide. The results so far have been amazing. I just wanted to say thank you. This has been priceless
Josh Aronovitch



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If you decide that being a Joy Member isn't for you, you can cancel your subscription within 30 days of purchase and receive a full refund.



A: The MORE JOY Membership is an online subscription that makes it easy and fun to stay committed to finding, cultivating and nurturing your joy. Consider me your joy coach! Each week you’ll find contemplations, lessons, positive affirmations and so much more. I take out all the guesswork to make your personal happiness practice easy and fun! Plus, you can access all the content on your phone, computer or tablet. Take me with you on the road, or to your favorite coffee shop. You can also connect with the supportive community of like-minded Joy Members in our private community. 


A: If you struggle to be in control of your emotions, not get overwhelmed or frustrated, stay on track with your goals or just breathing easy.. If you always feel like you’re starting over instead of gaining momentum in your life, the Joy Membership will give you the structure and guidance you need to stay on track. Plus, you’ll have me—and our MORE JOY Membership community—as your support and encouragement system. The MORE JOY Membership is for anyone who wants to shift their focus to a better life, find ease, flow, joy and momentum and stay consistent with their emotional life no matter what is going on in the outer world—whether you’ve been practicing for years or are brand new.

A: If you decide the MORE JOY Membership isn't for you, you can cancel your subscription within 7 days of purchase to receive a full refund. Upon cancellation, you will no longer have access to the membership or the private Facebook group.

After 7 days, if you decide the MORE JOY Membership isn't for you, then you can cancel your subscription renewal. Canceling the renewal prevents your payment method from being charged again when your subscription ends. You'll continue to be able to access and benefit from the membership (including the private Facebook group!) through the last day of your subscription.
A: If you like the idea of the MORE JOY Membership but feel like you're not big on group settings or want to know that you are getting highly personalized coaching, feel free to make an appointment to discover the best way for you to navigate the Roadmap To Joy. We'll chat and figure out the exact right next steps for you.

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